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  • April 01, 2014 5:04 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    Southeast Management Company, a third party management & consulting company and owner of storage facilities in the southeastern US, held its 3rd annual team member retreat in Florence, SC on February 21st and 22nd. The event included a social get-together on Friday evening and a full day of team building meetings on Saturday. This year's event featured an interactive speaker on Saturday assisting the team members in expanding Southeast Management Company's culture and style in better recognizing the customer’s storage experience. Recent trends by many storage facilities using remote call centers and web-based customer interaction create the possibility of reducing customer satisfaction and personal assistance. Southeast Management Company is dedicated to providing the best customer service and is implementing a number of new procedures and policies to enhance the experience of our customers. This year's event was centered on the theme of "Listen 2014" stressing the desire and goal to make sure each and every customer has a positive experience with assurances that the customer's needs are always taken care of in a pleasant and fulfilling manner. The meetings concluded on Saturday with an awards presentation to individual team members for their significant achievements in performance in 2013. Southeast Management Company is Virginia based with a regional office in North Carolina and currently manages and owns storage facilities from Virginia to Florida. The company stresses team member empowerment and confidence so each and every member feels appreciated and is provided the tools to reach and obtain their personal goals. To learn about our consulting services, property management services or employment opportunies, please visit our website at www.southeastmanagementcompany.com. or call March Chase, VP of Operations, at 804-436-2596.

  • March 12, 2014 1:23 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    Valuation & Acquisition Course

    Valuation & Acquisition Course is Back!

    May 5 - 7, 2014 • Philadelphia, PA
    Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown

  • February 28, 2014 5:32 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)
    J.B. is the winner of this year's "Loving Las Vegas" essay contest, sponsored by Chateau Products Inc.!

    He has earned:
    • Roundtrip airfare to Las Vegas
    • Three nights at the Paris Hotel & Resort
    • A standard education package to the Inside Self-Storage World Expo

    Click Here to view the official announcement and J.B.'s winning essay entry!
  • February 22, 2013 1:27 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)
    Tim Dietz, SSA Sr VP - Communications & Government Relations made a surprise visit at our 1st Quarter Luncheon in Chattanooga on Tuesday. As it turns out, he was there to honor our very own Sherry Cole! 

    Sherry, who has served as our Legislative Committee Chairperson for several years now, was instrumental in the development of the new Tennessee Lien Laws that were enacted in 2011. She put in countless volunteer hours revising our then 30-year-old laws into what we use today. Not only do our new laws provide considerable cost-saving changes for our owner/operators but it also simplifies the lien procedures and brings clarification to the many gray ares of the old law. Our new lien laws now serve as a guide to other states as they work to make similar changes in their current laws. 

    We greatly appreciate Sherry and all of the hard work and dedication that she continues to give to our association! 

    Congratulations to Sherry for this achievement award!!! 
  • February 11, 2013 6:24 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – January 18, 2013

    Contact: Peter Calandruccio: pcalandruccio@lightwavesolar.com; (901) 573-2167

    Tennessee Self Storage Association member, Absolute Storage Management (ASM), completed the installation of a 117-module, 28 kilowatt (kW) solar array atop its Midtown Vault Self Storage location in downtown Memphis. The addition of the solar panels will help offset a portion of the building’s monthly operating costs, with an expected return on investment of less than seven years.

    “We’ve wanted go solar at Midtown Vault since purchasing the property six years ago. Based on available incentives and decreasing material costs, this year it made economic sense for us to take that step,” said Michael Haugh, managing member/partner for Midtown Vault and president of ASM. “Along with the expected monetary savings, we’re looking forward to cutting down on our carbon footprint.”

    Tennessee Self Storage Association member, LightWave Solar, designed and installed the project and connected it to the MLGW power grid on November 30, 2012. Founded in Nashville, LightWave Solar expanded its offices into Memphis last year when they began working on the Agricenter’s megawatt solar project. Since then there has been significant solar growth in the area.

    “We’ve completed nearly a dozen installations in and around Memphis since last spring,” said Peter Calandruccio, Solar Consultant with LightWave Solar. “Solar is gaining momentum in Memphis, due in part to attractive incentives and lower solar panel costs.”

    ASM took advantage of several incentive programs to help offset the cost of the panels, including a 30 percent federal tax credit, MACRS accelerated depreciation, and an energy buyback incentive from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA).

    As part of the TVA Green Power Providers program, TVA will purchase 100 percent of the solar electricity generated at 9 cents above the retail rate, totaling about 19 cents per kilowatt-hour. The 28 kW system at Midtown Vault will generate approximately 35,000 kilowatt-hours per year, amounting to $7,700 per year at current electric rates. As electric rates increase, so will the income from the solar.

    Midtown Vault signed up for TVA’s program last year, so the company receives a 12 cent premium for their solar electricity. Green Power Providers applications approved this year will receive the 9 cent premium. However, program capacity is limited to 7.5 megawatts for 2013, and TVA has already received applications for 20% of program capacity.

    “I’m glad that we got into the TVA program,” says Haugh. “It made for a very wise investment since the panels will generate energy for the next 30 years at least.”

    The photovoltaic panels are the latest upgrade to the facility, a former telephone-switch building that had sat vacant and decaying for 15 years. Since purchasing the property in 2006, ASM has refurbished the structure and improved the perimeter while maintaining its historic façade. The building houses more than 400 climate-controlled storage units ranging in size from five-by-five to 12-by-20.

    The new solar array takes up about one-third of Midtown Vault's roof, allowing for future expansion. The facility is ASM’s second property to employ solar power. East Nashville Self Storage features a similarly sized array. For more information on solar energy, visit www.LightWaveSolar.com or contact Peter Calandruccio at 901-573-2167 or pcalandruccio@lightwavesolar.com.


    About LightWave Solar:
    LightWave Solar is the largest area installer of residential and commercial solar PV systems in Tennessee with offices in Nashville, Memphis and Johnson City. Founded in 2006 LightWave Solar has designed and installed over 250 solar projects across the state, including the 1 megawatt system at the Memphis Agricenter. Visit www.lightwavesolar.com to learn more.

    Follow on: Twitter.com/LightWaveSolar

    About Absolute Storage Management (ASM)
    Founded and based in Memphis since 2003, ASM manages 70 self-storage facilities across the Southeast, encompassing more than 3.5 million square feet. Properties are in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. Visit www.absolutmgmt.com to learn more.
  • March 21, 2012 5:19 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    March 21, 2012

    SSA - Erin Morr

    703-575-8000 x104

    Self Storage Association Unveils StorageChat.com; Forum for Industry Dialogue

    Alexandria, VA - - The Self Storage Association is pleased to announce the launch of its new online discussion forum StorageChat.com. StorageChat.com allows self storage professionals to engage with their peers. Membership in the community is free and provides access to post topics, comment on others' posts, upload content, and many other useful functions.

    Michael T. Scanlon President & CEO said, "At industry events and our training courses, we've observed first-hand how useful it is for our professionals to share know-how with each other, and we wanted to facilitate those relations. An online discussion forum such as StorageChat.com seemed like a natural conservatory to our educational programs and our goal to provide multiple channels for our professionals to easily find help.

    StorageChat.com offers many features that will enable Self Storage Professionals to enhance their abilities and get assistance from peers and experts in different categories including Self Storage Insurance law and legislation, Self Storage Management, Self Storage Education, Self Storage Technology, and Self Storage Marketing. Scanlon emphasizes that Self Storage Association has carefully selected some of the most experienced experts in each filed to provide a maximum impact and success for it is professional users.

    All self storage professionals regardless of their affiliation with Self Storage Association are encouraged to register and actively participate in StorageChat.com. To register for StorageChat.com, once you visit the home screen you will see a message in pale yellow. It will introduce new users to the FAQ page as well as to a link to register. Once you click on the link to register, the site will prompt you to enter your birthdate. Once you enter this information you will create a user name, password and enter your email address. After accepting the forum rules your registration will be sent to the administrator for approval. Post-approval you will be able to start posting to the site and participating in discussions. For more information pertaining to StorageChat.com and registration approval you may also visit the "Announcing Registration & Approval Process" tab on the home screen of StorageChat.com, or click here. 

    About the Self Storage Association (SSA)
    The Self Storage Association (SSA) is the premier national not-for-profit trade organization for the industry and the registered lobbying organization before the U.S. Congress and federal agencies. SSA is official voice of the $22 billion (revenues) self storage industry that currently numbers 46,500 self storage facilities nationwide. The SSA directly represents some 6,000 direct and indirect member companies that own and operate 22,000 self storage facilities throughout the United States. The SSA is affiliated with thirty (30) state and regional associations in the U.S. and with four (4) international associations representing Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin America and South America. SSA members range from individual facility owner-operators to multiple-facility companies, to vendors, to large publicly traded firms and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

    The Association specializes in several areas of core competency: (1.) data, information & research; (2.) advocacy & lobbying; (3.) networking & meetings; (4.) communication & publications; (5.) executive education & employee training; and, (6.) management of state associations within the industry. The SSA conducts two national conferences & trade shows each year and many other educational programs, seminars, web casts, and workshops annually. It publishes the industry's largest circulation magazine, the monthly "SSA Globe."

    SSA was founded in 1975 and is incorporated in the State of Virginia as a (501-c-6) not-for-profit corporation; headquarters offices are located in Alexandria, VA. For more information about the national Self Storage Association, please visit our Web site at www.selfstorage.org

    # # #

  • March 15, 2012 11:38 AM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)
    You’ll discover why this is the most popular Trade Show in the industry for industry veterans and newcomers alike. There will be education, industry information, business resources, and networking. Join us in April as we take Orlando by storm, and enjoy a wide variety of industry topics… all geared toward profitability and successful operations. You will learn from the best!

    Click here for more info!

  • March 12, 2012 1:46 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)
    Randy Smith, Director of Operations at Another Closet Self Storage in Texas, has essentially declared war on self-storage aggregator companies. Not only has he grown his facility over the last several years through tough economic times but he has done it without the use of self-storage aggregators. You can hear Randy at the Great Debate in Las Vegas at the upcoming ISS World Expo March 14-16th. 

    There is also an excellent article in the March/April issue of the Texas Self Storage Association Magazine about Aggregators and the Self-Storage Industry. 
  • February 23, 2012 2:45 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)
    Excerpt taken from the January 31, 2012 Press Release from SSAAA.org (The Self Storage Anti-Aggregator Alliance)

    The Self Storage Anti-Aggregator Alliance issues alert to operators concerning inaccurate online directory listings - offers free how-to guide to every self storage operator allowing them to quickly check for correct content on multiple online free business directory listings.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (McAllen, Texas) – The Self Storage Anti-Aggregator Alliance has released a brief synopsis of one issue brought to light concerning a possible questionable practice as employed by some businesses. Randy A. Smith, the industry’s most outspoken critic of the online aggregators is quoted as saying, "I've received numerous reports of troubling instances from operators of every size and location from around the USA. One issue in particular seems to be rising to the top of the list of complaints. Operators are discovering that some of their free, online business directory listings at sites like Local.com, Merchant Circle, and CitySearch have had their contact info changed or listed inaccurately. In several cases, the listing has the right business name and address, but the phone number and/or website link leads to another business, which in many cases is a competing business."  

    As the manager of two self storage facilities in a small town, I work very hard at maintaining and promoting our company website. When I first heard about these aggregator issues I honestly thought that these problems didn't effect us because I work on our online marketing on a daily basis. Surely I would know if there were a problem with my online listings... right? 

    In doing my research about this aggregator issue that I was hearing so much about, I decided to try out the free guide offered by SSAAA.org and check out the listings for our facilities myself. 

    This process is not a short one. I worked on this guide for well over 5 hours. What I found was down right frustrating! I found six listings (and please note, I didn't finish because of time constraints) that have incorrect listing info. The facility name and phone number were usually correct, however the web address and email addresses had been altered to reflect aggregator company info. The time consuming part was going in to each listing individually and claiming the listings so I could correct the information to reflect our facility contact info. One listing on Bing had actually already been claimed, presumably by the aggregator company, which listed their web address, not mine! 

    This is a blatant attempt to drive prospective tenants away from our company website, which I again mention that I put alot of time into maintaining, and instead linking them to their aggregator site. The focus of these sites are to provide the customer with the cheapest units available. While that sounds great on the surface... I mean we all want a good deal, right?... the problem remains that our facilities aren't being represented fairly! The amenities offered at these various facilities aren't listed, unless of course you are willing to pay a premium price for those listings! 

    So while the customer gets a nice list of unit prices and locations, what they don't get to see is which facility offers paved driveways that are well lit at night, or facilities that have added extra security features including cameras, gate entry codes, and cylinder or disc locks, or facilities that have on-site staff, or temperature-controlled units. The facility's value is diminished and the potential customer is unfairly left to pick facilities based on price and often miss out on the many benefits self storage really has to offer.

    I challenge every facility to check out www.ssaaa.org and look into your online listings! Then you can decide... are Self-Storage Aggregators Friend or Foe?

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