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  • March 21, 2012 5:19 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    March 21, 2012

    SSA - Erin Morr

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    Self Storage Association Unveils StorageChat.com; Forum for Industry Dialogue

    Alexandria, VA - - The Self Storage Association is pleased to announce the launch of its new online discussion forum StorageChat.com. StorageChat.com allows self storage professionals to engage with their peers. Membership in the community is free and provides access to post topics, comment on others' posts, upload content, and many other useful functions.

    Michael T. Scanlon President & CEO said, "At industry events and our training courses, we've observed first-hand how useful it is for our professionals to share know-how with each other, and we wanted to facilitate those relations. An online discussion forum such as StorageChat.com seemed like a natural conservatory to our educational programs and our goal to provide multiple channels for our professionals to easily find help.

    StorageChat.com offers many features that will enable Self Storage Professionals to enhance their abilities and get assistance from peers and experts in different categories including Self Storage Insurance law and legislation, Self Storage Management, Self Storage Education, Self Storage Technology, and Self Storage Marketing. Scanlon emphasizes that Self Storage Association has carefully selected some of the most experienced experts in each filed to provide a maximum impact and success for it is professional users.

    All self storage professionals regardless of their affiliation with Self Storage Association are encouraged to register and actively participate in StorageChat.com. To register for StorageChat.com, once you visit the home screen you will see a message in pale yellow. It will introduce new users to the FAQ page as well as to a link to register. Once you click on the link to register, the site will prompt you to enter your birthdate. Once you enter this information you will create a user name, password and enter your email address. After accepting the forum rules your registration will be sent to the administrator for approval. Post-approval you will be able to start posting to the site and participating in discussions. For more information pertaining to StorageChat.com and registration approval you may also visit the "Announcing Registration & Approval Process" tab on the home screen of StorageChat.com, or click here. 

    About the Self Storage Association (SSA)
    The Self Storage Association (SSA) is the premier national not-for-profit trade organization for the industry and the registered lobbying organization before the U.S. Congress and federal agencies. SSA is official voice of the $22 billion (revenues) self storage industry that currently numbers 46,500 self storage facilities nationwide. The SSA directly represents some 6,000 direct and indirect member companies that own and operate 22,000 self storage facilities throughout the United States. The SSA is affiliated with thirty (30) state and regional associations in the U.S. and with four (4) international associations representing Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin America and South America. SSA members range from individual facility owner-operators to multiple-facility companies, to vendors, to large publicly traded firms and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

    The Association specializes in several areas of core competency: (1.) data, information & research; (2.) advocacy & lobbying; (3.) networking & meetings; (4.) communication & publications; (5.) executive education & employee training; and, (6.) management of state associations within the industry. The SSA conducts two national conferences & trade shows each year and many other educational programs, seminars, web casts, and workshops annually. It publishes the industry's largest circulation magazine, the monthly "SSA Globe."

    SSA was founded in 1975 and is incorporated in the State of Virginia as a (501-c-6) not-for-profit corporation; headquarters offices are located in Alexandria, VA. For more information about the national Self Storage Association, please visit our Web site at www.selfstorage.org

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  • March 15, 2012 11:38 AM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)
    You’ll discover why this is the most popular Trade Show in the industry for industry veterans and newcomers alike. There will be education, industry information, business resources, and networking. Join us in April as we take Orlando by storm, and enjoy a wide variety of industry topics… all geared toward profitability and successful operations. You will learn from the best!

    Click here for more info!

  • March 12, 2012 1:46 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)
    Randy Smith, Director of Operations at Another Closet Self Storage in Texas, has essentially declared war on self-storage aggregator companies. Not only has he grown his facility over the last several years through tough economic times but he has done it without the use of self-storage aggregators. You can hear Randy at the Great Debate in Las Vegas at the upcoming ISS World Expo March 14-16th. 

    There is also an excellent article in the March/April issue of the Texas Self Storage Association Magazine about Aggregators and the Self-Storage Industry. 
  • February 23, 2012 2:45 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)
    Excerpt taken from the January 31, 2012 Press Release from SSAAA.org (The Self Storage Anti-Aggregator Alliance)

    The Self Storage Anti-Aggregator Alliance issues alert to operators concerning inaccurate online directory listings - offers free how-to guide to every self storage operator allowing them to quickly check for correct content on multiple online free business directory listings.

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – (McAllen, Texas) – The Self Storage Anti-Aggregator Alliance has released a brief synopsis of one issue brought to light concerning a possible questionable practice as employed by some businesses. Randy A. Smith, the industry’s most outspoken critic of the online aggregators is quoted as saying, "I've received numerous reports of troubling instances from operators of every size and location from around the USA. One issue in particular seems to be rising to the top of the list of complaints. Operators are discovering that some of their free, online business directory listings at sites like Local.com, Merchant Circle, and CitySearch have had their contact info changed or listed inaccurately. In several cases, the listing has the right business name and address, but the phone number and/or website link leads to another business, which in many cases is a competing business."  

    As the manager of two self storage facilities in a small town, I work very hard at maintaining and promoting our company website. When I first heard about these aggregator issues I honestly thought that these problems didn't effect us because I work on our online marketing on a daily basis. Surely I would know if there were a problem with my online listings... right? 

    In doing my research about this aggregator issue that I was hearing so much about, I decided to try out the free guide offered by SSAAA.org and check out the listings for our facilities myself. 

    This process is not a short one. I worked on this guide for well over 5 hours. What I found was down right frustrating! I found six listings (and please note, I didn't finish because of time constraints) that have incorrect listing info. The facility name and phone number were usually correct, however the web address and email addresses had been altered to reflect aggregator company info. The time consuming part was going in to each listing individually and claiming the listings so I could correct the information to reflect our facility contact info. One listing on Bing had actually already been claimed, presumably by the aggregator company, which listed their web address, not mine! 

    This is a blatant attempt to drive prospective tenants away from our company website, which I again mention that I put alot of time into maintaining, and instead linking them to their aggregator site. The focus of these sites are to provide the customer with the cheapest units available. While that sounds great on the surface... I mean we all want a good deal, right?... the problem remains that our facilities aren't being represented fairly! The amenities offered at these various facilities aren't listed, unless of course you are willing to pay a premium price for those listings! 

    So while the customer gets a nice list of unit prices and locations, what they don't get to see is which facility offers paved driveways that are well lit at night, or facilities that have added extra security features including cameras, gate entry codes, and cylinder or disc locks, or facilities that have on-site staff, or temperature-controlled units. The facility's value is diminished and the potential customer is unfairly left to pick facilities based on price and often miss out on the many benefits self storage really has to offer.

    I challenge every facility to check out www.ssaaa.org and look into your online listings! Then you can decide... are Self-Storage Aggregators Friend or Foe?
  • June 08, 2010 4:51 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    North Carolina SSA Working to Avoid Sales Taxes
    Uncertainty about the availability of federal funds to help with state budget needs has many industries in North Carolina concerned about taxes targeting their businesses, including self storage. The state faces an $800 million shortfall for the fiscal year beginning July 1, and many legislators are backing a plan that would tax private services. As has been the case previously in other states, revenue administrators have included self storage among the list of services they plan to target with a tax. The Self Storage Association is helping to fund NC-SSA lobbying efforts to fight the plan. Read more about North Carolina's budget woes by clicking here.

    From the SSA Monday Morning Memo June 7, 2010

  • April 26, 2010 4:29 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    Leading Indicators Point to Strengthening Economic Recovery; Risk of Double-Dip Recession Diminishing

    April 23, 2010

    • The index of leading economic indicators recently posted the most significant gain since the recession ended. In March, the index increased 1.4 percent, marking the 12th consecutive month of improvement. Seven of the 10 components comprising the index contributed positively to the March reading, including initial unemployment claims, building permits and stock prices, up from six components in February. Strengthening of this index demonstrates the economic recovery is advancing and will broaden to include more sectors as the year progresses.

    To read more click here....

  • April 26, 2010 3:34 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    Here is some interesting information from other states that are working on lien law changes...

    Good News in Arizona & Wisconsin; Florida Loses Bid for Lien Improvement
    During a busy week as legislatures looked to close their 2010 sessions, lawmakers in Arizona and Wisconsin gave state SSAs something to cheer about, while Florida lost its bid to remove a costly lien provision.
    Arizona - The Arizona SSA has again established a model bill that could be used to establish business-friendly regulations in other states. The measure, signed into law last week, protects operators from liability when "protected property" is left in abandoned units. Firearms, pharmaceuticals, sensitive information and other items are addressed in the new law. It also provides for an e-mail option as "verified mail" in lien situations.
    The law was championed by the Arizona SSA and led by Richard Marmor, the Chairman of the AZ-SSA's Legal and Legislative Committee, and promoted by the SSA which contributed $16,000 from its Legislative Issues Fund. Key features of the new law include:
    · E-mail will be allowed as another form of "verified mail" in many cases.
    · Storage operators will have alternative ways for dealing with "protected property," materials which they were not permitted, by law.
    · Storage operators will be able to auction boats, motor vehicles and other property which they could not sell in the past when those items were subject to certain government "restitution" liens.
    "Our thanks go out to all the people who made this possible including those AZSA members who have donated to our legislative fund, and to the Self Storage Association for a generous grant from the SSA Legislative Fund," says Martin Lorch, President of the Arizona Self Storage Association. "Without a doubt, this new law is a boon to all self-storage operators in Arizona," he said.
    Wisconsin - The state's lien improvement bill, AB707, passed the Senate as one of the last measures considered in the legislature this year. It will likely be signed by Governor Jim Doyle in the next few days. The new law provides for value limitations and protects self storage facilities from non-tenant litigation. An improvement to the existing law that would have given operators the choice of newspaper or Internet-based lien notices was removed before the Senate vote after state publishers objected.
    "We believe giving self storage operators an alternative method of advertising for auctions is the natural progression given emerging media options," said SSA Board member Lisa Barth-Chiappetta, who led the Wisconsin effort. "In coming years legislatures, including Wisconsin's, will have to tackle this issue. The most important provisions of this bill were passed however, and we're excited to have a better law moving forward."
    Florida - Efforts to replace the existing "certified mail, registered mail" lien notification process with a less expensive alternative were thwarted last week in the Florida House of Representatives. This is the first year that the SSA, together with the Florida SSA, has tried to improve the lien bill in that state. The measure was added to a larger bill two weeks ago, yet it appears politics got in the way and it was removed in the House Rules Committee before a vote was taken. The SSA & Florida SSA are still committed to the Florida campaign and will continue efforts to modernizes the lien statute in that state.

  • March 17, 2010 4:41 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    Bob Copper is our key note speaker for the May Luncheon in Knoxville. He is a leading consultant specializing in all aspects of self storage including operational improvement, training, audits, feasibility/market studies and due diligence. Here is a recent article written by Mr. Copper for ISS Inside Self Storage.

    The MIP in the Self-Storage Business: The Facility Manager

    Bob Copper

    This is going to come as a shock to some owners, district managers and corporate officers: You are not the most important person in your business. That distinction clearly belongs to the facility manager. Storage operators must now employ the highest quality managers and ensure their training and professionalism are superior...click here to view the rest of the article.
  • March 10, 2010 2:00 PM | Melissa Roberts (Administrator)

    The Florida Self Storage Association has added a ‘power panel’ of speakers to its upcoming conference and tradeshow, May 5-7, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. The Storage Summit will take place on Thursday following the keynote presentation by Paul Martin, author of Attitude Over Adversity.
    The Storage Summit panelists are Anne Ballard of Universal Management Co., Michael Haugh of Absolute Management, Brenda Scarborough of Accountable Management, Marc Smith of Personal Mini Storage, and Steve Wilson of Hide-Away Storage. Representing more than 110 years of combined self-storage experience and 147 self-storage facilities in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, they will share with self-storage owners what they are doing in their own companies. FSSA President Rick Yonis will moderate the panel as questions are asked from the audience.
    The FSSA is a non-profit organization comprised of individuals who have an interest in the self-storage industry in Florida. Members include facility owners, operators, developers, investors, managers and suppliers.

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