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TNSSA Manager of the Year

Congratulations 2021 Manager of the Year 

Steve Klein of East Nashville Self Storage

Here are a few words about Steve from the owner of East Nashville Self Storage:

Steve become our property manager in Dec 2019. He had no prior storage experience. Steve immediately jump in with both feet. He quickly learned the nuances of the storage business. Steve was able to identified the strengths and weakness of our staff and himself and adjusted job responsibilities to maximize each person abilities. Steve is a naturally friend person and quickly gained the respect of the team and tenants. Steve has no issues on getting his hands dirty There is no tacks that he is not willing to do from renting storage units to making collection calls or even cleaning the bathrooms.

Both 2020 and 2021 have been very unusual years due to C19. Steve was always on top of the ever changing rules and guidelines on how to operate. Under Steve leadership in 2021, ENSS has experienced the following benchmarks:

*Uhaul revenues went form $100k In 2019, $250k In 2020 and in 2021 we are estimated Uhaul revenues to be over $450K. Making ENSS the #1 Uhaul dealership in Middle Tennessee.

Collection delinquency rates dropped from 4% in 2019, 2% in 2020 now to .5% in 2021. Steve is very proactive and engaging delinquent customers to find a way to resolve issues before they have to go to auction.

* Online customer reviews are at an al time in both rating and numbers. Currently ENSS is at 4.7 out of 5.0.

* Increased annual occupancy from 85% in 2019 to 97% in 2021. All way continuing to raise unit rates.

* Successfully converted operating system from Doorswap to Sitelink.

* 2021 Operating revenues are $82K higher than 2020 YTD through Sept. Price per unit went from $194 a unit in 2020 to $207 per unit in 2021. Hit record sales months in May - Sept. We have been open since 2012.

As an owner, I have never sleep better at night knowing that Steve is steering the ship. Steve is an extremely hardworking, dedicated team member who always shows up with a a smile and a can do attitude. Last year Steve was the runner of MOY. I believe that Steve has stepped up his game even further and is deserving of the title of Manager of the year!

 Congratulations Steve Klein! Well done!


We are pleased to present the Runner-Up with this certificate for the achievement recognized by industry peers in Outstanding Management and Customer Service in 2021 to Shane Rhyne of Northshore Pellissippi Storage.

Shane Rhyne joined Northshore Pellissippi Storage in 2015, bringing with him skills developed from an usual combination of previous experiences in public relations, digital marketing, nonprofit management, tourism and hospitality, broadcasting, and even stand-up comedy.

As sales manager, Shane takes the lead in managing the facility’s digital marketing efforts. From his past work as digital marketing director for a top Southeastern public relations and marketing firm, Shane applies the same principles of simple, measurable solutions that he taught to his national corporate clients and is dedicated to making Northshore Pellissippi Storage a stand-out independent facility in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Congratulations Steve!

Manager of the Year Winners

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